4 Types of Car Insurance Coverage You Don’t Want to Skip

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In an effort to save money , many drivers often choose to get the minimum insurance coverage required by law . This will include a minimum for property damage liability and bodily injury that varies by state . While it is important to maintain the basic minimum insurance liability coverage in case of an accident , carrying only the minimum amount that can leave you vulnerable to huge bills for medical expenses and property damage in cases not covered certain . There are many types of supplemental insurance that can give you the protection you need different settings so you do not face heavy financial burdens in the event of an accident .
Here are just four types of car insurance coverage that you do not want to skip :
Motorist Insurance Coverage
If you are in an accident that is your fault , should your medical bills and property damage insurance to be covered by the other driver . But what happens if the other driver does not have insurance ? Or not enough insurance to cover your damages ? Your insurance may offer you some protection, depending on the situation , but in most cases it will not .
Provides uninsured motorist coverage and underinsured protect you if you are in an accident with a driver who conduct insurance or they do enough insurance to cover your damages .
MedPay is important coverage pays for the cost of your medical bills incurred from an accident , up to the coverage limits . Minimum insurance coverage often does not include medical coverage for you , the driver . While it is possible for you own health insurance coverage , you can still have high deductibles or co - pay . If the other driver 's insurance to cover your bills , it could take months before your claim is processed and your bills .
MedPay covers your medical bills immediately and completely up to your coverage limits , relieving you of the financial burden . It also covers you no matter where you are in your own car or another car , or even if you are on public transport .
Comprehensive Car Insurance
You can be covered if you are in an accident , but what happens if a tree falls on your car during a hurricane ? Or if your car is stolen ? Or vandal breaks the window to steal your wallet ? Basic automobile insurance does not cover damages in these cases .
Comprehensive car insurance will cover damages to natural disaster , theft or vandalism .
It is an important protection for those unexpected situations that may leave you with thousands of dollars in damage .
GAP coverage
If your car is a total , your insurance can cover the replacement value of your car . However, if you are financing your car , the replacement value may not be the value that you owe on your loan remains the same . Your car may be valued at $ 2,000 , but you still owe $ 4,000 on the loan . That would put you on the line for the remaining $ 2,000 .
Coverage can be provided compensation for the difference GAP .
If you are still financing your car , GAP insurance coverage is important to have . You do not want to have to be on the hook for thousands of dollars that you are probably not .
When you are shopping for car insurance , not to focus on getting the lowest monthly premium by cutting your insurance coverage to the minimum requirements .
You will be short - and a change could be costing you thousands of dollars in the future if you are in an accident and damages are not covered in your basic policy .
These are just four types of car insurance coverage you should consider getting , but you can find other people that also need your needs .
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